Have you tapped into the power of food products? Here are some wild ways to use food to clean and deodorize your home! Here are Cool Cleaning Hacks Using 12 Food Items From Your Pantry or Fridge.

1. Mustard

Not just for hot dogs, mustard has some great cleaning and deodorizing properties. Do you want to reuse a bottle but want to get rid of the smell of the original food? Sprinkle some mustard powder inside the bottle, add water, shake, rinse. No more smell. Have a greasy pan? Sprinkle a couple teaspoons of mustard powder on the pan, use a brush to work it into the greasy spots, and rinse. Grease gone!

2. Onions

If you have a teenage boy, you know that smell: something like a locker room mixed with old tacos. Try the onion trick. Cut an onion in half and leave it in the closet overnight. The onion absorbs all those nasty smells. And making a solution out of mashed onions and water keeps bugs away. You can use it on yourself too but it may keep other people away as well.

3. Vanilla Extract

Do you love the smell of vanilla? Dab it on a lightbulb and turn on the light. Your room will smell luscious in no time. You can use any type of extract for this.

4. Potato and Kosher Salt

If you have any cast iron cookware, you know how fussy it can be to clean. Sprinkle some salt into the pan and rub with a cut potato.

5. Coffee Grounds

While you’re cleaning your pots and pans, how about using some old coffee grounds instead of abrasive cleaners to scrub your more delicate cookware?

6. Vodka

Need any glass or shiny surface cleaned? Put some cheap vodka in a spray bottle, spritz the surface, and polish with a soft cloth. Better than Windex! It also serves as a great silver jewelry polish.

7. Ketchup

While we’re on the silver subject, you can clean tarnished silver and copper with a coat of ketchup. Let it sit for thirty minutes and then wash off.

8. Pickle Juice

Don’t want to waste your ketchup on your copper pans? Polish them with some pickle juice instead. (Shhhh, restaurants do this!)

9. Beer

And as long as you’re raiding the liquor stash, use beer to make old wood look new. It’s just as good as any furniture polish. It’s also a great rust remover!

10. Green Tea

Never use a commercial toilet cleaner again. Drop a green tea bag into your toilet and then allow it to soak. Flush.

11. Lemons

Lemons are the wonder natural cleaner and have multiple uses for household cleaning. Here are just a few:

  • Makes copper pots look like new
  • Takes away smells in the garbage disposal. Just grind some up with salt for a fresh and deodorized disposal.
  • Cleans dishes in the dishwasher. Just use a lemon wedge in your normal cycle. It also gets rid of water spots and residual soap scum.
  • Disinfects wood cutting boards. Sprinkle kosher salt on the board and use a cut lemon to scrub salt into the surface of the wood.
  • Gets rid of rust spots on knives. Just soak them in some lemon juice. Voila! No more rust.

12. Vinegar

Another cleaning powerhouse, vinegar can clean almost anything and is far cheaper than any cleaning products on the market. It also removes stains from plastic and is a great fabric softener.

Just by using items from your pantry or refrigerator, you may never have to use another chemical cleaning product again. And when you need a break from cleaning in general, call Bebe’s Cleaning Services and leave your cleaning to a professional. We serve households throughout Metrowest and the surrounding communities with expert cleaning services. Call us today at (508) 383-3004 or book your appointment online at https://bebescleaningservices.com/book-now/.