Yes, it’s almost summer and you haven’t even gotten to your spring cleaning yet. We hear you. Life keeps moving faster and the harder we run, the more it outruns us. Take a breath. There, isn’t that better? Here are some tips to get your kitchen ready for summer since spring is almost a memory.


Cleaning Zones


First, if you have a moment, visualize your kitchen into zones. Yes, it may sound a bit anal retentive but it actually works. If you can get it down to zone 1, check, zone 2, check,  zone 3, check and so on, it actually makes you feel as if you’re getting something done instead of looking at the whole big mess at once.


Begin at the Stove


If you begin at one side of the stove and work clockwise or counterclockwise around the kitchen, you start with the dirtiest part first and then move around in an orderly fashion. Fill your sink up with hot soapy water. This way, your drip pans and burner covers can soak while you work around the kitchen and when you come around at the end, voila! They are easy to wipe clean.


Sink Disinfecting


Speaking of sinks, this area can be a breeding ground for bacteria. DIsinfecting the sink should be a priority after each use. Clean the sink with soap and water first. Then you can use your favorite disinfectant or use a mist of vinegar solution and then a mist of hydrogen peroxide. Use one and then the other. Don’t mix them! Let air dry. If your sink is stainless steel, top this off with a little mineral oil and then buff for a great shine.


Dishwasher Cleaning


Have you washed your dishwasher lately? Yes, it sounds redundant but your dishwasher is another one of those bacteria havens. There is a product called Dishwasher Magic that is designed to kill bacteria in the dishwasher. Run this through your dishwasher periodically. And while you’re at it, clean around the edges and gaskets of your dishwasher to get rid of stuck food and stains.


Garbage Disposal


And while we’re on the subject of bacteria, don’t get us started on the disposal. This is probably the biggest bacteria culprit. One of the easiest ways to get rid of nasty disposal odors and sanitize and deodorize it is to drop in a cut up lemon, some ice cubes, and a little salt. Run the disposal with cold water until it’s clear. Or there are commercial products like Disposer Care that are designed just for that purpose.


The Oven


Your oven can be the pit of burnt food and grime or a bright and shiny place where you actually want to cook food. Your choice. If you’re lucky, you have a self-clean oven and all it takes is a few short hours of that lovely smell. If you don’t have a self-clean oven, we understand but it has to be done sooner or later. Next time, consider lining the bottom of your oven with a nonstick oven liner. These are easy to clean and can be used over and over.


The Fridge


And that leaves the fridge. The easiest way to clean the fridge is to remove everything and begin from scratch, one shelf at a time Think of all those science experiments lurking there in the back in takeout containers. And it’s a good time to check expiration dates on your condiment shelves. Those capers you bought to make puttanesca for your mother-in-law in 2015? It’s safe to throw those out now.


Better yet, if the thought of deep-cleaning your kitchen is overwhelming, we have a better option for you. Call the professionals at Bebe’s Cleaning Service. Hiring a professional cleaning service is probably the best and easiest way to get your big cleaning jobs done. Call us today at (508) 383-3004 for a quote or schedule an appointment online at We serve the Metrowest area and all surrounding communities.