If your budget will allow it, one of the best investments you can make in maintaining your interior living environment and the overall resale value of your home is to hire a professional house cleaning service.  Naturally, most people will be concerned about the cost to do so.  In order to understand the amount you could be paying, there are factors that can influence the cost of cleaning your house.  These 7 factors include information about the service, your home, and the tasks you expect them to perform.


Condition of your home – whether it’s been a long time since professionals cleaned your home or this is the first time you’ve had a service do it, you’ll probably pay more since the service will have to do more than they will on future visits.


Frequency of cleanings – the number of times your home is cleaned will influence the cost of the service.  Obviously, you will pay more to have weekly cleanings versus bi-monthly or monthly cleanings.


Home size matters –some cleaning services will charge by the number of rooms being cleaned while others charge by the square foot.  However, the general rule of thumb is that the price climbs higher as the size of the home increases.


Location of your home – believe it or not, the neighborhood you live in could be one of the factors that can influence the cost of house cleaning services.  Unfortunately, this is a factor that will never change.


Pets that shed – if you have long-haired pets in the home, their fur will be everywhere and cost the cleaning service extra time to deal with the additional mess.  As a result, most cleaning services will charge extra when you have a pet or pets.


Special requests – anything you need over and above what the service normally does is going to add to the cost of cleaning your home.  Be sure to ask them what they define as “special” if you want to try and save money.


Your ability to negotiate – being able to negotiate a better price than what the service quoted you is a crucial skill that most homeowners lack.  With all of the information that is provided above, you should be able to bargain for a better price. Many cleaning services offer a good deal when you call in for regular services instead of one-time cleaning. Thus, evaluate your requirements and then schedule the cleaning.

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