For the most cost-effective and efficient house cleaning experience, we ask that you make the following preparations prior to the arrival of your house cleaning service team.


Ensure that we have access to your home – if you need to be away from home on a day that we are scheduled to clean, please notify us prior to our arrival so we can discuss how to gain access.  Some of our customers provide us with access to a house key or have a key made for us.  Also, if you have a security system, we will need proper instructions for turning it off and on.

Please Leave the replacement bed sheets on top of the beds, and we will be more than happy to change them out.

Special attention needed– although we are very good at our jobs, we need to know if there are any  areas or spaces that need extra attention. So please feel free to mention it to the team upon their arrival.

Identify any broken items – as a precaution, we ask that you make a list of any items that are broken.  If you have time, please consider moving them to an area of the house where we won’t be cleaning.

Important bills, documents, and other paperwork should be put away – items such as these could easily be mistaken for trash and misplaced or thrown away. 

Put your pets away – is your cat or dog comfortable around strangers in your home? We recommend putting them in a crate or separate room of the house while the cleaners are at your home.

Pick up any items left on floor, or objects so floors are visible

Hand washing Dishes is not included in our house cleaning packages, but if dishes are out and dishwasher is available we will be happy to load it

Please put all jewelry, loose cash and coins, and smaller electronics in a secure place

For Move in/out Cleanings- Please Assure you provide us instructions on how to access the home in the case you will not be there.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions. We are always available for you.